Friday, March 03, 2006

experience of two years ago part 3: and so -- blah blah blah

None of this was all-together very dramatic. I was yelled at a great deal and lost a lot of money mostly mostly because of my own foolishness, and I was certainly never in any danger. But the issue was not the seriousness of the events, it was what they put into relief. Back home an event like this would have never progressed to such a hysterical stat. There was a combined effort on the part of all involved (except my friend) to target me, blame me, and get something out of me. Indeed, what influenced every single one of the actions, words, and feelings of my neighbors and landlady had very little to do with the actual problem. Granted, the flooding provided the initiative, but what drove their emotions and thoughts more than anything else was the fact that I was a foreigner. As a white American, this was a humbling, eye-opening and, I would argue, absolutely necessary experience.


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