Sunday, December 10, 2006

bikes--french leakage--a lesson in civic duty

Here is a picture of a bike:

I took this picture in Guiyang. There was a bike, and so I took a picture of it. Actually, there are many bikes in China. It seems to be a very useful tool for transportation and for getting stolen. If you are interested in getting your bike stolen in China, I recommend buying one. Any kind will do. If you attach rocket blasters on the rear wheel, like I did, that will also increase the chances of it getting stolen.

Sometimes when you're getting your bike out from a line of other bikes you will knock a bunch of them over, then smack yourself in the face and sheepishly say "je suis un imbecile!" (for some reason you always speak in French when dealing with bikes). When such an event occurs, it is of course incumbent upon you, as a visiting foreigner, to be just as polite as your Chinese compatriots, and leave the other bikes on the ground.



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