Friday, December 15, 2006

new bike--thievery--mongolia is yet safe

I bought a new bike today. It's dark gray and shiny, just like the city of Chengdu itself (note: Chengdu is not shiny). I had to buy a new bike because my last one was stolen. Here is a list of other things that have been stolen from me since I came back to China:

1) My bike
2) My bike lock (attached to the bike, of course)
3) My backpack
4) My keys
5) My best pair of blue jeans.

Please do not ask me about the circumstances surrounding that final item. It was a tragic incident and honestly left me quite upset--far more upset, in fact, than the theft of my bike, which happened on the same day.

I think, however, it also important to emphasize the positives of life in China, so here is a list of things that have not been stolen from me since I came back:

1) My kidneys
2) My new bike
3) Socks
4) My love of cheese
5) Mongolia

If you would like to steal something from me, please do not. Thank you.



Anonymous doom said...

Your jeans? That't just cold. I lost five phones in China but managed to keep my pants.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

the only reason you haven't had your kidneys stolen is because i got to them first, before you left boston. you only THINK your body has been filtering waste from your bloodstream for the last 9 months.

11:15 AM  
Blogger KMM said...

I hate you, Chris

11:46 PM  

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