Thursday, December 07, 2006

pics pics pics

Here is a google map pic of where I live:

And here is a pic looking out into the courtyard between the two gray buildings to the east of my apartment:

You can probably notice that things are very gray. That's because Chengdu has an almost constant cloud cover and, even when the clouds do dissipate, pollution from nearby factories happily moves in and takes over the responsibility. So, indeed, things here are often gray, although sometimes also light-gray and dark-gray. Never black though. Well, except at night. At night, in fact, the whole sky turns black. Amazing.

Anyway, that being said, the endless cloudy days are mitigated by the rather mild climate and the fact that, although there aren't too many beautiful days here, there also aren't many wretched days. Well, except during the summer. The summer sucks. It's basically like having burning hot steam shot at you at all times of the day, except when you're in your nice apartment with the air conditioner turned on to "make things cold." So don't come here during the summer unless, of course, you want to go somewhere else. If you want to go somewhere else then you should definitely come here in the summer.



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