Friday, May 11, 2007

characters in history--educational service--"little ping"

It’s a little known fact that Mao Zedong’s nickname was actually “Pudgy McFatcheeks.” Whenever somebody would call him this he would pretend to get really mad and give them that famous "you’re about to get re-educated face," but after a little while he would always just smile and smack the offending person on the back and say “just joshing you, comrade!”

Sometimes, though, he really would send people to get re-educated in the countryside, not because he was angry, but just because it was fun. This is the real reason why Deng Xiaoping was sent to work in a tractor factory. In fact, when the announcement was made they both laughed about it for a long time, and later Mao even wrote a poem about it, called "Haha, Little Ping Ping build tractor now!"

Deng Xiaoping’s nickname, by the way, was “Little Ping Ping.”

Oh, and these are all things you should know, if you want to know everything about China.



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