Thursday, June 14, 2007

blogging inconsistencies

I thought I'd make a quick note to explain some things to the two or three people who visit this website frequently, excluding my family and that guy who keeps on sending me pictures of his big toes in various famous locales (note--please stop sending me pictures, guy).

The frequency with which I write will always be as it has been--that is, there will be periods where I write lots and post everyday, followed by even longer periods where I write nothing and, uh, do not post everyday. This will probably be the way I continue to blog forever, assuming that I do indeed continue blogging forever, because it reflects my spastic personality, and also my laziness. Moreover, because blogspot is blocked in China, my motivation to write is seriously diminished (which has led me to consider making a real, actual website)

So, to my two or three fans who continue coming to this website everyday because they think I will at last start writing about Prussia, please be patient with my inconsistency. It will change eventually. Or maybe not.



Anonymous China Law Blog said...

So what you are saying is that you will consisently be inconsistent?

5:32 AM  
Blogger KMM said...


4:30 AM  

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